Generate animated version of your talk from transcript and slides!
I dont even know what VisConf isCreate your VisTalk

VisConf, Why?

A lot of times in small meetups, it is not possible for organizers to record talks. Using VisConf, you can generate an animated version of talk from transcript and slides. Thus giving speakers a platform to create and share their meetup talks.

You can create & customize your character and publish your talk (we call it VisTalk!).

VisConf, How?

Writing your talk on VisConf is as easy as writing a blog! (+ you need to convert `.ppt` files to `.pdf`)
  • Convert your .ppt to .pdf
  • Head to Create a VisTalk page, link your .pdf file, write your transcript and hit PUBLISH 🎉
    (actually hit Preview first and check if it is correct then hit publish .__. )

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